Epson® Pro L25000U Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector with 4K Enhancement

REMC #192300
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25,000 lumens of color brightness and 25,000 lumens of white brightness2. Laser light source for up to 20,000 hours virtually maintenance-free operation1; native WUXGA with 4K Enhancement3.


Epson® Pro L25000U Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector with 4K Enhancement

REMC #192300
Request a REMC Awarded Quote for a Catalog Discount of 5-42% Discount off MAP/UMAP.

World’s First 3LCD laser projector with 25,000 lumens plus 4K Enhancement

Designed for dynamic, high-impact live productions, Epson’s flagship laser projector, the Pro L25000U, offers the best and brightest performance of the Pro L Series. Ideal for rental, staging, and other large-venue applications, this projector combines a laser light engine with inorganic components for extraordinary brightness and reliable, 24/7 operation — up to 20,000 hours virtually maintenance-free1. Premium features include 25,000 lumens of color brightness and 25,000 lumens of white brightness2, 4K-Ready lenses, native WUXGA resolution with 4K Enhancement Technology3, sealed optical engine, 3G-SDI and HDBaseT™ connectivity. Installers can choose from eight optional lenses with powered lens shift and lens memory (sold separately).

Key Features

  • 25,000-lumen2 3LCD laser projector with 4K Enhancement3 — the Pro L25000U has:
    • Color Brightness: 25,000 lumens2
    • White Brightness: 25,000 lumens2
  • Exceptional Full HD widescreen display — native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) with 4K Enhancement3 for presentations, videos, digital signage and more
  • Solid-state laser light source — designed with inorganic components for up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation1
  • Unsurpassed service and support — limited warranty of 3 years or 20,000 hours, whichever comes first
  • Designed for rental and staging — features a sealed optical engine, 3G-SDI connectivity, Art-Net compatibility, and true 360-degree projection flexibility
  • Epson® 4K Enhancement Technology3 — a revolutionary technology that accepts 4K signal and enhances 1080p for output that surpasses Full HD image quality
  • 4K-Ready lenses with powered lens shift and memory — eight optional interchangeable lenses that can resolve 4K resolution (sold separately)
  • Reliable 24/7 operation — ideal for applications requiring continuous projection
  • Dynamic projection capabilities — advanced built-in Edge Blending, auto image calibration and more
  • Seamless integration tools — compatibility with Crestron® RoomView®, AMX®, Extron® XTP® and Control4® systems, plus an Emulation Mode4 to accept basic control codes of other projector brands


  • Color Brightness: 25,000 lumens2
  • White Brightness: 25,000 lumens2
  • Native WUXGA with 4K Enhancement Technology3
  • Laser light source — up to 20,000 hours1 of use
  • 3-year or 20,000 hr. warranty, whichever’s first


Laser light source — virtually maintenance-free operation.

Epson is the first projector manufacturer to combine inorganic 3LCD panels with an inorganic phosphor wheel to achieve higher brightness and reliability. Featuring a lamp-free laser light source, Pro L Series projectors offer numerous advantages:

  • Inorganic 3LCD panels with an inorganic phosphor wheel
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation — long-life laser light engine
  • No waiting for the projectors to warm up or cool down — the projectors reach maximum brightness and turn off almost immediately
  • High-speed contrast control, AbsoluteBlack™ contrast ratio and a wide color gamut for brilliant, color-rich performance
  • Balanced, high-quality images and performance you can count on for an array of applications

 Brilliant image quality.

Designed to deliver brilliant, uncompromising image quality for even the most demanding environments, Epson Pro L Series laser projectors provide true-to-life color reproduction with incredible, precise detail. Featuring 3LCD, the #1 projection technology in the world, they offer both high color brightness and high white brightness. And, they’re backed by 25 years of road-tested reliability.

Customizable brightness modes.

Pro L Series laser projectors offer customizable brightness modes for different applications. These modes allow users to preset brightness and noise levels, as well as maintenance cycles.


  • Normal Mode: Designed for maximum brightness needs — ideal for conference rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls
  • Extended Mode: Extends the maintenance cycle by decreasing the brightness by 30 percent — ideal for darker environments with ambient light, such as museums and art galleries, where a reduced maintenance cycle is desired
  • Constant Mode: Maintains the light output of the projector at a constant and consistent brightness — ideal for applications such as command centers
  • Quiet Mode: Reduces the noise level to as low as 31 dB (depending on model) by decreasing the brightness by 30 percent — ideal for libraries, theaters, museums and art galleries
  • Custom Mode: Allows the user to set the brightness of the projector at a variable level from 100 percent to as low as 30 percent to extend the life of the projector

Outstanding support.

Pro L Series projectors are backed by one of the world’s finest customer care programs, including a limited warranty of 20,000 hours of usage or 3 years, whichever comes first, plus toll-free support.

Sealed optical engine.

Designed for indoor and outdoor staging applications where dust and smoke may be present, the projector’s sealed optical engine protects the light path and 3LCD panels from outside elements that may degrade the brightness or color uniformity. Note: when operated in a smoke-filled environment, the air filter must be replaced after 24 hours.

Diverse connectivity including HDBaseT and 3G-SDI.

Connect with virtually any system — Pro L Series projectors include HDBaseT, 3G-SDI, HDMI®, DVI-D, VGA, BNC and LAN inputs. Cutting-edge HDBaseT technology simplifies installation with just one CAT-5/6 cable carrying Full HD video, audio, network and control commands. 3G-SDI allows for the transmission of uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals for real-time video playback in broadcasting and events staging. Both interfaces allow for a 328-foot cable length to accommodate large venues, which reduces the need for additional cables, signal repeaters or added labor.

Optional HDBaseT transmitter.

For your convenience, Epson offers an optional HDBaseT transmitter box as a companion piece to the Pro L Series. Three inputs are featured for easy installation: HDMI, LAN and RS-232 to output into a CAT-5/6 cable (sold separately).

Sleek black case.

The Pro L25000U features a sleek black exterior that’s ideal for rental and staging applications, blending in with dark settings.

Stackable solution.

Stack two or more projectors for increased brightness, with easy-stack features such as lens shift, geometric correction and point correction.

4K Enhancement Technology.

Revolutionary 4K Enhancement Technology3 accepts 4K input, allowing viewers to experience the most intricate details. This feature also enhances the 1080p signal for output that surpasses Full HD image quality, without visible stair-stepping or pixel gaps. From tiny text to the smallest architectural feature, you’ll see every incredible detail.

Wide selection of powered lenses with lens memory.

The Pro L25000U offers increased installation flexibility with a total of eight optional 4K-Ready lenses that allow users to choose the motorized lens most suited for their environment. Choose from a variety of ranges including short-throw, middle-throw and long-throw lenses (sold separately). A tool-free, quick-release lever enables fast, easy lens exchange.

Powered lens shift.

Epson’s advanced projection technology enables a wide range of lens shift capabilities for extraordinary installation flexibility. Pro L Series projectors feature an incredible range of up to ± 65 percent on the vertical axis and up to ± 30 percent on the horizontal axis (depending on the lens). Users can easily operate the lens shift functions using the remote control, the projector control panel, or control commands.

Lens position memory.

Powered lens memory means users can preset up to 10 positions for zoom, focus, lens shift and projection size for instant switching between installations. With the push of a button, recall the position of your previous installation for fast, efficient setup.

Reliable 24/7 operation.

Designed to operate 24/7, the Pro L Series is ideal for applications that require continuous projection. Delivering uniform brightness and exceptional, consistent image quality — 24/7/365 — Pro L Series projectors are an excellent choice for command centers, museums, storefronts and hotel lobbies, as well as digital signage in malls, airports, convention centers and more.

Dynamic projection features and applications.

Epson Pro L Series projectors have built-in video warping and blending technologies that make them ideal for large-screen viewing applications.

Advanced Edge Blending technology.

Built-in Edge Blending technology is ideal for using multiple projectors to overlap images and project seamless, multi-screen panoramic images — even on a curved surface, the ceiling, or the floor. Perfect for art galleries, digital signage and staging, this feature ensures uniform, seamless projection, with no bright spots where the overlap occurs.

Corner-wall Projection.

Project on horizontal or vertical walls to create impressive, out-of-the-box experiences. You can also choose to use Edge Blending and Corner-wall Projection at the same time.

Building mapping.

Make static structures come alive with eye-popping 2D and 3D video projection on virtually any surface — including buildings, bridges and tunnels. Pro L Series projectors offer projection warping capabilities to support spectacular, breathtaking productions. These site-specific video displays are ideal for a variety of uses, including advertising, public art, entertainment and more.

Projection mapping.

Transform practically any object or setting into a dynamic visual display. From cars to landscapes to entire exteriors, there is almost no limit to the applications made possible by projection mapping — every surface can become a screen.

Auto image calibration.

Equipped with a built-in camera, Pro L Series projectors are capable of calibrating and adjusting color, uniformity, and white balance with the simple push of a button. For multiple-screen applications such as display walls and edge-blending screens, the networked projector will automatically recognize its position in the matrix and assign itself an ID and IP address for easy adjustment. This feature allows you to position up to nine projectors side-by-side (1×9), stacked vertically (9×1), or in a matrix (3×3, 2×4, or 4×2).

Point correction.

Use the projector’s point correction feature to adjust the image via points on a grid. This is useful to adjust overlapping areas in multiple projections that do not line up correctly.

True 360-degree projection.

Take advantage of every surface in the room. Featuring a laser light source, Pro L Series projectors can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction for off-axis positioning (without the need to switch out a lamp). And, there are no tilt angle restrictions. Project straight down on the floor, straight up on the ceiling, or tilted in any direction — Epson technology keeps the projector running without compromising performance.

Portrait Mode.

A creative solution for window advertisements, fashion shows, live performances and virtually any setting requiring projection onto tall, vertical screens or surfaces, Portrait Mode enables you to install the projector on its side for displaying digital signage, screening images or projecting video with portrait orientation. Plus, the projector’s laser light source means there’s no need to swap out lamps for Portrait Mode.

Compatible with leading control systems.

Pro L Series projectors are compatible with Crestron RoomView, AMX, Extron XTP, Art-Net and Control4 Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) to ensure easy integration with existing systems.

HDCP 2.2 support over HDMI and HDBaseT.

Pro L Series projectors support HDCP 2.2, the latest security protocol, designed to create an encrypted, secure connection between a source and a display.

DMX Art-Net.

Available on the Pro L25000U, Art-Net is a protocol for transmitting the lighting control protocol for rental and staging applications. This feature allows you to integrate these Pro L Series projectors into your lighting control protocol for a more intense light show.

Available controls include: On/Off, A/V Mute, Select Source, Lens Control (shift, zoom, focus), Recall Lens Memory Setting and Recall Geometric Memory Setting.

Installation tools.

Epson knows that choosing, installing and using a projection device correctly is very important. We have collected helpful tips and resources to make the process easier. For additional information on documentation and installation tools, visit

Online installation handbook.

Find a step-by-step guide to help with the most challenging installation situations at

  • Throw distance calculations
  • CAD drawings
  • Mounting information
  • Connectivity information
  • RS-232 control codes
  • Remote control information
  • Environmental requirements
  • Maintenance information
  • Optional accessories

Throw distance calculator.

To determine which projector is right for your room size, use the throw distance calculator at 

You can interactively change the following attributes and find the right projector solution for your application:

  • Projector model
  • Lens type
  • Lens shift
  • Projection distance
  • Screen size
  • Screen positioning on the wall
  • Aspect ratio

For BIM content, go to

Setting cloning.

Copy the menu settings from one projector to one or more other projectors of the same model. This allows for quick duplications of projector menu settings in a batch setup operation. (Does not copy network settings.

Firmware updates.

Perform firmware updates via:

  • USB thumb drive
  • USB connection from a PC
  • Over the network
  • Cloning: Copy settings (user logo, brightness, etc.) between installations

Emulation Mode.

Easily integrate your Epson Pro L Series projector into existing networked projection control systems using Emulation Mode, which allows the projector to accept Sony®, Panasonic®, Mitsubishi® and NEC® codes4. Simply install the projector and choose the control set that you want the projector to emulate. This convenient feature reduces installation time and cost, as installers do not have to reprogram the system with Epson codes.

Multi-PC Projection with Moderator.

Epson’s Multi-PC Projection with Moderator software5 allows you to simultaneously display up to four devices on the screen over the network (wired or wireless), with even more users connected to the same projector on Standby Mode. The moderator, from a PC or Mac®, can drag and drop participants into or out of the four quadrants and control which device screens to display.

  • Connect up to 50 Windows® and Mac devices, or iOS® or Android™ devices running the Epson iProjection™ App6
  • Encourage and control collaboration; it’s perfect for comparing ideas and content side by side

Eco Features

Better Products for a Better Future™

  • RoHS compliant
  • Recyclable product10
  • Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWay® Transport Partner11

  1. 20,000 hours is the estimated projector life when used in Normal Mode. Actual hours may vary depending on mode and usage environment. The projector has a limited warranty of three years or 20,000 hours, whichever comes first.
  2. Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.
  3. 4K Enhancement Technology shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double the resolution and surpass Full HD image quality.
  4. Emulation Mode is limited to certain code sets and may not support all codes. Contact Epson Support for the latest supported sets.
  5. Moderator feature is part of EasyMP Multi-PC Projection software.
  6. For wireless functionality, including via the Epson iProjection App, the projector must be configured on a network, either through the Ethernet port on the projector (check model specifications for availability) or via a wireless connection. Check your owner’s manual to determine if a wireless LAN module must be purchased separately to enable a wireless connection. Not all Epson projectors are able to be networked. The Epson iProjection App does not support all files and formats. See for details.
  7. Consult your user manual for input combinations.
  8. These projectors do not meet the DICOM standard Part 14 and should not be used as a medical diagnostic device.
  9. Recommendation based on normal room conditions. Cleaning requirements may vary depending on use, environment and other conditions. Cleaning intervals may be adjusted to accommodate the environment in which the projector is used.
  10. For convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit
  11. SmartWay is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

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